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January 7, 2008

Louis Braille: The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind

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Louis Braille: The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind

Author: Margaret Davidson

Illustrator: Janet Compere

Page Length: 80

Reading Level: 4th

Genre: Non-fiction / Biography


SUMMARY & REVIEW: Louis Braille was born in the early 1800’s in Coupvray, France, son of a man who did tool and  leather work.  Louis was born with full eye-sigh but at the age of three had an accident in his dad’s tool shed which eventually caused him to be blind.


I have known about the Braille reading system for the blind but never knew the story of Louis Braille. Davidson writes an interesting chronological sequence of the events in Louis Brailles’ life.  Louis was brilliant and excellent in academics.  He was also a gifted musician.  However, rather than pursue a professional career in music, he chose to help educate others who were blind. 


The term, “Braille”, is recognized throughout the world, but like me I think most people do not know the story of where the reading method was established.  Louis Braille dedicated his adult life to having the “dot” system accepted as a way of reading for the blind.  If he had not persevered for many years, the Braille system would not have successfully been adapted for the blind.


When he died in 1852, he was not well known and his method of reading was just being accepted in schools for the blind.  However, his name became known around the world.  In 1952, one hundred years after is death, his coffin was taken from Coupvray, to rest at the Pantheon—the burial place of France’s most honored men.  It was a way of paying tribute to him for his dedication and development of the Braille reading system.


AREAS FOR TEACHING: This book was educational and interesting.  It would be great for a student to read for a biography assignment.




REVIEWED BY: Shirley Wagner



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