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January 20, 2008

Artemis Fowl

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Artemis Fowl

Author: Eoin Colfer

Page Length: 279

Reading Level: 6th

Genre: Fantasy


REVIEW: The New York Post review of Artemis Fowl raves, “A new thriller fairy tale that will grab your interest, no matter what your age.” For fans of the fantasy genre and Harry Potter like enthusiasts, this book would be a must read. Artemis Fowl is a twelve year old genius from a long line of criminal masterminds who plots to exploit the underground race of creatures including fairies, centaurs, elves, dwarves, and more. The plot twists and turns like a crime novel as Artemis plots to kidnap Captain Holly Short and to amass his riches. Of course, rescue must be attempted to save Captain Short and keep the world down under from being exposed to the barbaric human race who would only exploit and ruin the underground world as they have done to the world above. The race is on as the sun rise is nearing and the “riveting, magical adventure” is drawing to a close.


I found the book and it’s characters entertaining. Character types are everywhere from the weak minded pretty girl to the muscle man who keeps order by force. Captain Short is a strong woman determined to prove herself as the first woman on the LEP unit squad. The brilliant scientist and the old fashioned Captain types also emerge. Artemis even battles with his role as the son of a woman who is losing her hold on reality. This book would provide an excellent tool for in depth character analysis.


TOUCHY AREAS: Overall I enjoyed reading the book. Some of the descriptions of creature habits weren’t particularly interesting, but might appeal more to boys in general. However, I would exercise caution and provide this book to students on advanced reading levels, as the vocabulary and speech patterns effectively reflect what you would expect a twelve year old genius to sound like.


BOOK CONNECTIONS: Colfer has continued the series by recently publishing his seventh novel in the Artemis Fowl line.


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REVIEWED BY: Dayna Taylor


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