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February 5, 2008

States of Matter

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States of Matter 

Author: Carol Baldwin

Reading Level: 4th

Page Length: 48

Genre: Non-fiction


REVIEW: In this easy to read fact filled book about the various states of matter, you will find awesome color photographs that instantly grab your attention and explain chemistry as it happens.  The photos, graphics, and illustrations, are very memorable from sculptures of dragons made of sand and ice, to the misty rain forest.  The reader will not soon forget the lesson being taught by them coupled with the short simple paragraphs, pop up boxes with facts, and arrows that guide you along.  There are so many things to move your eyes across, I strongly feel that students will not get bored with this book, and that is the most positive aspect of this Raintree Freestyle science book.   Baldwin also places “teasers” on various pages that encourage the reader to flip to other pages to find out the how and why things work.  Every two pages open to one big layout for a particular topic.  There are also boldface words that are defined at the bottom of the pages, and the definitions are clear and concise.


The table of contents is easy to read with large bold letters.  The thinness of the book gives the reader the sense that it is not going to be overwhelming. The first couple of pages allows the reader to know what to expect, and in the margins are more teasers about what you will learn in the following pages, along with small vivid photographs that instantly peak your interest.


The layout of the book is easy to understand, and the glossary and index in the final pages makes finding just what you need so simple it can be used as a resource over and over again.  In States of Matter the reader will learn about solids, liquids, gases and plasma.  For further study, Baldwin included a layout called Further Information where organizations are listed with websites, books to read, and key words to use when using search engines on the internet.  She even gives search tips, search engine examples, and explains where to search (using Google as an example) and defines a search directory.  This is a great book for anyone who wants to learn more about the states of matter.  I highly recommend it.


RELATED WEBSITES: (to get science news from a national security laboratory)


REVIEWED BY: Stacy Campbell



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