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November 16, 2008

Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods

Author: Nicholas Edwards

Page Length: 165

Reading Level: 4

Genre: Biography

PLOT SUMMARY & REVIEW: Tiger Woods is described in this book as a “golf prodigy”. This biography details the life of Tiger from his early childhood until the year 2000. Tiger Woods: An American Master is the easy-to-read story of Tiger’s own life of practice, discipline, and success.

Tiger’s full name is Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. He received his name “Tiger” after his father’s friend from the Vietnam War. Tiger Woods has a varied ethnic background: 50% African-American, 25% Chinese, and additional Native-American and Caucasian influences. Tiger Woods once described himself as “Cablinasian”, referring to his multi-cultural make-up.

Before he was the age of 1, Tiger was intrigued by the game of golf. He studied with his father almost daily – learning the proper methods of strokes and focusing on proper concentration techniques. The game of golf is both a physical and a mental one.

Tiger Woods is influenced by his mother’s religious faith – Buddhism. He states that it is through the Buddhist teachings that he has gained much of his self-discipline. Tiger excels in almost all areas of golf. One of his trainers, however, notes that “Course Management” is one area in which Tiger needs continual guidance and practice. Course Management refers to choosing the right club and determining where to put the next shot.

Tiger excelled on the junior courses, the college-level courses, and the amateur courses. Once he was successful in all these arenas, Tiger knew moving onto the professional scene was next.

In 1996, when he first decided to play professionally, Tiger Woods, signed deals with both “Nike” and “Titleist” even before he started to play. Many people assumed Tiger Woods would become a great professional star – and they were right.

During the course of the biography, we see Tiger garner one professional championship trophy after another. It is Tiger’s goal to win in all four major golf championships: The Master’s, US Open, PGA Championship, and the British Open. Doing so is called a “Grand Slam”.

Tiger is considered one of the top 5 golfers in the sport’s history and yet has so much room for improvement and added success.

AREAS FOR TEACHING: sequence of events, fact vs. opinion, Golf: A Brief History (pages 118-121), Golf Etiquette (pages 122-124), Golf: The Basics (pages 125-130), Tiger’s Career Highlights (pages 131-154), Glossary of Golf Terms (pages 157-165)

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REVIEWED BY: Kevin Stratton

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