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December 8, 2008

Bone The Dragonslayer #4

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Bone The Dragonslayer #4

Author: Jeff Smith

Page Length: 168

Reading Level: 3

Genre: Fiction-Graphic Novel        

PLOT SUMMARY: In book 4 of the Bone saga, Fone Bone runs into several dangerous situations.  With Gran’ma Ben and Thorn, he has a scary encounter with Kingdok, the ruler of the rat creatures.  Kingdok is trying to get his army into a full-scale attack on the village.  Thorn is having frightening dreams and then Gran’ma disappears.  While Fone is dealing with these crises in the forest, Phoney Bone has convinced the townspeople that he is a dragonslayer.  The people do not know that the dragon is actually their friend and it is the rat creatures they should fear.

REVIEW: This is the fourth of the Bone series and it takes a turn towards violence rather than the humor and adventure of the first two novels.  Readers will definitely be hooked into reading the saga, which is colorful and well illustrated.

AREAS OF TEACHING: Sequence of Events, Character, and Conflict

RELATED BOOKS: Bone-Out From Boneville, The Great Cow Race, Eye of the Storm, Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Shore, Old Man’s Cave, Ghost Circles, Treasure Hunters, and Crown of Thorns

MOVIE CONNECTIONS: Harry Potter (movie series), The Lord of the Rings (movie series)


REVIEWED BY: Shirley Wagner

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