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January 17, 2009


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Author: Pam Withers

Page Length: 101

Genre: Fiction


SUMMARY: Beverly lives in Winapeg, Canada, but is visiting her uncle who lives in Hawaii.  Her uncle runs a dive shop and she is eager to go scuba diving again.  Beverly has two goals to accomplish during her stay.  Feeling a little chubby, she vows to lose ten pounds.  She also wants to find a boyfriend.


Quite a few boys pass through the dive shop, but the one who catches Beverly’s eye is Garth, the dive master.  He is cute, confident and a bit flirtatious.  Beverly likes him too.  Being a little bit older, he seems to be pushing the affection part a little more than Beverly is comfortable with.


Beverly is actually hiding the fact that she is trying to lose weight and is almost starving herself.  When she goes on the dives with her uncle and Garth she realizes that she has not consumed enough calories to provide the energy she needs to swim comfortably.  A series of events spur a lot of action and suspense as the story develops.

REVIEW:  This was a good fast read that I think teen-age girls would enjoy. The setting in Hawaii and the romance of Beverly and Garth will keep the reader intrigued with trying to determine what will happen next.

AREAS FOR TEACHING: Sequence of Events, Cause and Effect, and Making Predictions

RELATED BOOKS: Camp Wild, Raging River, Peak Survival, Adrenalin Ride

MOVIE CONNECTIONS: Coral Reef Adventure (2003)


REVIEWED BY: Shirley Wagner

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