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January 17, 2009

The Girlfriend

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The Girlfriend

Author: R. L. Stine

Page Length: 165

Reading Level: 5.5

Genre: Fiction         

PLOT SUMMARY: Scotty and Lora are the perfect high school couple. She is a cheerleader and he is the star quarterback. They are seniors and plan to attend Princeton after graduation.  When Lora leaves town for a week to visit Paris, Scotty is attracted to Shannon, a girl he gives a ride to after the game on Friday night. Shannon lures Scotty into her home after a secret date on Saturday night.

On Monday, Scotty realizes he doesn’t want to see Shannon anymore, and he certainly doesn’t want anyone to know about the date.  However, Shannon has other ideas.  She feels that Scotty is now “her baby”, and begins to stalk him not only at school but at his home, too.  She warns him not to leave her or her brothers will come after him.  In a series of tragic events, Scotty learns that a one-night stand is not worth the heartache and pain it causes to him and all of his friends and family.

REVIEW: R. L. Stine has written another suspenseful, intriguing book for young teens.  Although parts of the book are predictable, there is a surprise ending relating to Shannon’s past.  Readers who enjoy suspense and romance will enjoy this easy to read horror novel.

AREAS OF TEACHING: Cause and Effect, Making Predictions, and Compare and Contrast

RELATED BOOKS: The Boyfriend, Hit and Run, The Dead Girlfriend, Beach Party

MOVIE CONNECTIONS: Play Misty For Me (1971)


REVIEWED BY: Shirley Wagner

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