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January 18, 2009

High Noon

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High Noon

Author: Scott Sundby

Page Length: 32

Genre: Fiction-Math           

PLOT SUMMARY: Cowlick is a small town set in the old west.  Louie is the town barber. Buzzsaw is also a barber and comes to Cowlick to challenge Louie in his barbering skills. Both men enjoy practicing artistic freedom in their work.  Louie sketched his cuts on paper from bigger to smaller.  Buzzsaw, however, sketched his cuts from small to large.  In the end, both barbers found they respected each other’s style and work and decided to open a shop together. 

REVIEW: This is a well-written short story that gives good math examples of how to “draw to scale”.  It has excellent illustrations by Wayne Geehan.

AREAS OF TEACHING: Math-drawing to Scale and Comparison and Contrast

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REVIEWED BY: Shirley Wagner

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