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January 18, 2009

Mummies, Bones, and Body Parts

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Mummies, Bones, and Body Parts

Author: Charlotte Wilcox

Page Length: 64

Reading Level: 6

Genre: Non-Fiction

PLOT SUMMARY: The book begins with the ethics of studying the dead (chapter one).  Scientists have mixed feelings about uncovering the remains of a mummy belonging to the Pazyryk tribe.  The first chapter explains the process of preparing the body for burial.  Next, the definition of what makes a mummy is explained along with how human remains are studied. Throughout the book, examples of mummies from England to the Andes Mountains are cited.  The author shows respect towards the mummies who are being studied by reminding the reader that mummies were once people’s relatives or friends.

REVIEW: The book has exceptional facts about studying mummies and the various preparations for burial and preservation after death. There is a glossary, bibliography, suggested books and suggested websites to visit at the back of the book.  It is illustrated with authentic photographs of the mummies that have been discovered and are being studied.

This is a good book for those who enjoy reading non-fiction and science related subjects.

AREAS OF TEACHING: Historical Context, Vocabulary, and Supporting Details

RELATED BOOKS: Bodies from the Bog, How to Make a Mummy Talk, Frozen Girl, Mummies and their Mysteries

ART CONNECTIONS: Mummy Exhibits-1) The Catacomb Mummies of Palermo, Italy, 2) Otzi the Iceman, Bolanzo, Italy, 3) Lady Dai, Ch’angsha, China, 4) Mummies at St. Michan’s Church, Dublin, Ireland, 5) The Tollund Man, Silkeborg, Denmark, 6) Juanita the Ice Maiden, Peru, 7) The Lindow Man, London, England, 8) The Mummified Monk, Thailand, 9) Vladimir Lenin, Moscow, Russia



REVIEWED BY: Shirley Wagner

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