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June 5, 2010

The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

Author:  Rick Riordan

Page Length:  375

Reading Level: 5

Genre:   Mythology

PLOT SUMMARY:  This book was about a twelve year old boy, named Percy Jackson, who gets in all kinds of trouble in school because he is ADHD and has dyslexia.   He also has been expelled from various schools and the last expulsion came from vaporizing his pre-algebra teacher.   When Summer begins he takes a vacation with his mother to Montauk .  Grover has followed Percy and soon finds him when the vacation begins.  However, the trio (Percy, his mom, and Grover) are attacked immediately by a monster.  Percy soon discovers that his best friend, Grover, is a satyr.  His mother had been told by his birth father that Percy must go to a special summer camp which would be great for him. 

Unfortunately, when a monster attacked, his mom was turned into a golden light.   So Percy is left without a mother.  Luckily, Percy and Grover escape after killing the monster, and the two end up at Camp Half Blood which is a place for children associated with the Olympian Gods. 

Percy and Grover are sent right into training, because that is what the camp is for.  Grover has observations by his superiors so he will be right alongside Percy.  Also, the fact that Percy has ADHD characteristics is a good thing.  It turns out that ADHD is also a battle reflex.  Luckily, his shortcoming of dyslexia allows him to read Greek.  Therefore, Percy is aided immensely in his activity games.  Percy is put into the cabin of Hermes and under the care of Luke, the Cabin Head.  Percy’s new camp family participates in a flag game and they win the flag.  Even though Percy is a winner, he is also attacked by the children of Ares and is wounded.   After Percy steps into some water to cool off he is magically healed, and that is when his father, Poseidon, is revealed.   After that, Percy is given a quest to find Zeus’s master bolt which is believed to be stolen by one of the three main gods, Poseidon.   Unfortunately, this quest is given to Percy, because of an earlier broken oath from Percy’s father that he remain childless after World War II.

So, Percy along with Grover, and Annabeth (another good friend of Percy) take upon the quest to find the thunder bolt and set off with only 10 days to find it before the Summer Solstice.  They have determined the real thief must be Hades, God of the Underworld, because Percy knows that his father Poseidon could not possibly be the thief.   The trio must travel across America to Los Angeles which is the new home of the entrance to the Underworld.  Fortunately, Percy is given magic shoes by Luke that he in turn gives to Grover.   They encounter various Greek monsters and the God of War, Ares, who tells Percy that his mother is still alive. As they approach the pit of Tartartus, Luke’s shoes try to pull Grover into it, but Grover is finally able to slip his hooves free. Percy confronts Hades, who also believes Percy stole the Master Bolt as well as his darkness helm.  It is then that Percy discovers the master bolt has been in his backpack the whole time, and he assumes that Ares had tricked him.

Percy and his friends get out of the Underworld, but Percy is forced to leave his mother. On the shore, he battles against Ares and wins by injuring the god’s heel.  He is also cursed by Ares who determines that Percy’s sword would fail him in battle when he needs it the most.  Percy also finds the Helm of Darkness which in turn is given back to Hades.  Next, Percy takes a flight to get to New York City to give the Thunder bolt back to Zeus.    Both of these tasks allow Percy to be the victor of the impossible quest.  However, when Percy returns to the camp he discovers that the real thief was Luke who calls upon a poisonous scorpion to kill Percy.  Luckily, Percy is healed of the poisonous bite by Chiron, and at the end of summer, Percy decides to attend another school found by his mother.

REVIEW:   My opinion is that the book is excellent.  It was a great book because of all the excitement.   It is a bit lengthy, but most readers will love it.


5.9 draw on experience for word meanings

5.10 learn the main ideas and details supporting it

5.11 connect compare the various ideas

5.12 analyze the characters

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REVIEWED BY: Linda Schwegler


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