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December 19, 2010

Shadow Divers

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Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson: Book Cover

Shadow Divers

Author: Robert Kurson

Page Length: 397

Reading Level: 7.5

Genre: Non-Fiction

PLOT SUMMARY: Bill Nagle and John Chatterton loved deep sea diving despite its dangers and isolation. The two became friends and made one of the most significant diving discoveries ever. They found a German U boat 230 feet below in the frigid Atlantic waters. This book details their personal struggles, all the dangers of diving (how descending in the water has the same disorientation and processing effects as alcohol), their sacrifices, and their determination to prove (despite denials from the Germans and the American government) what they had found really existed. Everything you ever wanted to know about deep sea / wreck diving is revealed in this book.

REVIEW: The book is 397 pages long (so great motivation before you get started is needed). At times, the descriptions of diving boats, equipment, and conditions that occur during dives is very technical and thorough. I truly see this book as an adult book — and one not the average public would find an easy read. If you’re a deep sea diving fan, a history buff, or just a lover of non-fiction, this books for you. For the rest of us – it would read great as a fiction story – or really written as more of a story and less of a technical account. For most of our students, it’s just too much. However, parts of the book detailing the dangers of diving and their finds, would make good short non-fiction pieces to read and discuss. Teacher can discuss the sacrifices made by divers (3 died during this adventure) and whether or not their find was worth all the risks and losses they incurred.   

AREAS FOR TEACHING: connecting text to self, historical connections, sequence of events, cause and effect, setting, character traits, elements of non-fiction

TOUCHY AREAS-PAGES: graphic details of diving ailments, death, alcoholism

RELATED BOOKS: Fatal Depth: Deep Sea Diving, Underwater Rodeo: Saga of a Deep Sea Diver, Deep Sea Diving

MOVIE, MUSIC, ART CONNECTIONS: Shadow Divers (coming in 2009, directed by Peter Weir)


REVIEWED BY:  Dayna Taylor



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  2. Shɑdow Divers | Theе Book Reviews

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