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January 16, 2008

Mixtures, Compounds & Solutions

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Mixtures, Compounds, and Solutions

Author: Carol Baldwin

Page Length: 48

Reading Level: 7

Genre: Non-fiction


REVIEW: This is another wonderful science book that uses killer color photos and bite size chunks of information to help students learn about mixtures, compounds and solutions.  The book is full of interesting photos and graphics that will keep them turning the pages.  It is thin, and easy to read.  The short paragraphs will help low level readers stay engaged, along with information bubbles, inserts, arrows pointing to examples on current celebrities and situations.  Even Pamela Anderson is pictured in here.


The book begins with a little summary of what compounds, mixtures, and matter is, then it takes the reader on a little jaunt describing matter and the building blocks of matter all the way through exactly what the title says; mixtures, compounds, and solutions.  There is a “Further Information” page that will help students find links to sources on the web, other books, and search engine tips.  The glossary is packed into the two pages with very little white space, and the bold words are not bold enough.  It is a bit hard to read.  The final page contains the index which will help students, especially if doing a book report on this topic.




REVIEWED BY: Stacy Campbell



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