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December 19, 2010

Maps – Getting from Here to There

Maps by Harvey Weiss: Book Cover

Maps – Getting from Here to There


Author: Harvey Weiss


Page Length: 64    


Genre: Non-Fiction

PLOT SUMMARY: The book begins with the narrator describing his desk in his room. He then draws a map to inform the reader how to find him.  He expands the maps to finding his room if you began by looking at the globe.

He then defines a compass and explains how to make one.  Further explanation is given about scale maps, topographical maps, definitions of latitude and longitude, and using all of the terms when looking at a globe.

In addition, he explains marine charts and symbols, as well as, special purpose maps for subways, aircrafts, environment and roads.

REVIEW:  This is an excellent informational book with interesting explanations and good illustrations that should capture the interest of a reluctant reader. I would suggest it to be used at the beginning of any geography course either in middle, junior high or high school grades.  I believe boys would especially enjoy it.

AREAS FOR TEACHING: Geographical vocabulary


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MOVIE CONNECTIONS: The Planet Earth (2007)


REVIEWED BY: Shirley Wagner


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