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August 23, 2008

Remember the Ladies 100 Great American Women

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Remember the Ladies 100 Great American Women

Author:  Cheryl Harness 

Page Length: 48

Reading Level: 4

Genre: Non-Fiction           

PLOT SUMMARY:  Cheryl Harness gives a one-paragraph summary of 100 great American Women.  She begins with naming women of the new world, the colonial world, women of the American Revolution, women who were leaders when the United States was a new nation, and as the nation grew.

She recognizes women from the Civil War era, the pioneers of the west, and those who fought for equality.  As the Roaring Twenties approached, she wrote of the women who brought changes to the role of women, and then, she wrote of the role of women in the Great Depression and World War ll. 

The women become more recognizable as she writes of the women of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’, 80’s and 90’s.  

REVIEW:  I enjoyed this quick history review written and illustrated quite well.  Many of the women, I knew about, but just as many were new to me.  Girls who enjoy non-fiction would enjoy this book.  It could be used as a source for a history project for the low-level reader. 

At the end of the book, there are two illustrations that give a quick look at history and the women who helped develop it.  The author also includes a list of each of the women with a one-word description to help recall the importance of each of them.

A detailed glossary and bibliography are included, as well as, some historical sites and women’s organizations.

AREAS FOR TEACHING: Sequence of Events, Summarization, Compare/Contrast, and Informative Texts,

RELATED BOOKS: Rabble Rousers: Twenty American Women Who Made a Difference, Ghosts of the White House, Ghosts of the Civil War, Ghosts of the Twentieth Century

MOVIE, MUSIC, ART CONNECTIONS: Adams National Historic Site, Susan B. Anthony House, Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, Harriet Tubman House, Laurel Ingalls Wilder Museum, and Women’s Rights National Historic Park


REVIEWED BY: Shirley Wagner

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